Fabric Gallery

R54 Tape Measure

by Timeworn Toolbox Designs

Dolores Smith is known for her color skills, and is able to collect palette inspiration anywhere, including a collection of tape measures in her husband's toolbox! Her new group combines ochre, charcoal and taupe --- add distinctive design with a trendy twist, and the result is an eclectic group of textures, time period prints & medium-scaled mixers. She adds, "And looking back, I'm remembering my grandpa with his wooden tape measure and pencil. How he would unfold it to mark a project and fold it back up." Dolores was happy to find a collection of them at the home of her aunt and uncle.

Tape Measure - Log Cabin by
Tape Measure - Log Cabin
Tape Measure - Sticks by
Tape Measure - Sticks