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Judie Rothermel
Judie Rothermel

In 2013 we celebrate Judie Rothermel's first 25 years as a fabric design innovator, specializing in "Aunt Grace" 1930's fabric reproductions and designs from the Civil War era and related periods. She creates beautiful stories from classic designs from classic designs and colorations, while incorporating subtle variations to give them an updated look. Since her first collection for Marcus Fabrics in 1987, Judie has developed a strong following, primarily among quilters who look to her designs for their historical accuracy as well as their visual appeal.

She began collecting antique textiles, quilt tops and quilts in the early 1970's, along with her husband, Bob. Together they traveled, visited museums and bought quilts. In 1976, Judie and Bob opened their Quilt Shoppe in Canton, OH, giving them a place to house their growing collection, selling quilts occasionally.

Even from these early days, Judie has been drawn to the softer colors of the antique quilts. In particular, she continues to favor the browns, pinks, grey blues and dirty purples found in quilts from about 1850 to 1865. Miniature quilts and appliqués' are her forte, as she enjoys hand piecing and hand quilting. She has also written several books, each featuring her fabric collections.

Stay tuned for our Judie Rothermel celebrations throughout the coming year, as well as Judie's new book in 2013!

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