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Molly B's Studio

Molly B's StudioMarcus' new Molly B's Studio brand specializes in traditional fabric designs that are versatile enough for a wide variety of quilt and craft projects. Our Molly B's Studio design team focuses on mixable motifs and color palettes that can be used together as a group, or blended with other Marcus collections, expanding your options for color and texture. Think of Molly B's Studio as your new source for stashworthy coordinates with long-term availability, to collect and enjoy for seasons to come.

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R54 A Hint of Print
R54 Molly Bís 1800s Basic Shirtings
R54 Molly Bís 1800s - Bessieís Blues
R54 Molly Bís 1800s: Simply Christmas
R54 Molly Bís 1800s: Simply Harvest
R54 Molly Bís 1800s - Victoriaís Violets
R54 Molly Bís Basics
R08 Molly Bís Classic Wovens II
R08 Molly Bís Classic Woven Yarn Dyes
R07 Molly Bís Studio Primo Batiks
R54 Molly Bís Style Series: Romantic Renaissance
R54 Paisley Persuasion
R07 Primo Batiks
R07 Primo Batiks - Neutrals