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In 2019, Marcus Fabrics joined the Timeless Treasures family of fine quality textiles for quilting, sewing and crafts! As Marcus, we'll remain your source for beautiful reproduction and historical designer collections and contemporary looks.


Marcus produces fabrics for quilting and crafts, with a dual emphasis on creativity and high quality. In 2011, we celebrated our 100th Anniversary of creating fine cottons and novelty fabrics, becoming the industry innovator in the category of reproduction quilt fabrics.


Marcus Fabrics remains a favorite among creative consumers. In an environment where every theme, pattern, texture and color becomes a creative statement, enthusiasts choose Marcus fabrics as the centerpiece of their crafts, quilts, wearable art, apparel and home decor. Our state-of-the-art in-house studio brings to life the creative concepts of award-winning licensed designers like reproduction fabric expert Judie Rothermel, who marked 30 years as an industry leader in 2017.


Over the years, we've also enjoyed meaningful collaborations with museums like the Old Sturbridge Village and others. Through them we not only bring beautiful, historically inspired fabrics to the discerning quilter, but we also support the work of these museums in the area of quilt and textile preservation. 


Yet, it isn't only the Marcus product line that set us apart. You might be surprised to know that although most of our customers and quilt shop owners are women, the quilting & textile arena is actually a male-dominated industry. However, at Marcus, we take particular pride in the fact that women are the driving force in every area, from design and merchandising to sales & marketing. Our staff includes four quilters, five sewers, and three managers with extensive backgrounds in textiles and/or home economics, another industry distinction.


"We believe that our unique understanding of the quilting customer is reflected in the product. Our first-hand knowledge of the process of quilting and the joy of working with quality materials gives us an invaluable connection with the quilters who use our fabrics in their creations," says Stephanie Dell 'Olio, a lifelong sewing and fabric enthusiast.


In 2015 we launched the Studio 37 Fabrics division, with fabrics and inspiration that speak to the contemporary sewing / quilting / crafting consumer, who sews for individuality and self-expression. Studio 37 collections strike the perfect balance of a coordinated look, and the freedom to mix and match fabrics as a quilter chooses to, bringing out her or his own unique style in the process. The prints are designed with versatility in mind, making them perfect for a variety of end uses.


Later we introduced Marchives, a brand featuring new Marcus collections that are inspired by some of our best designs from the past.  One of the many benefits of our 100+ year history is the ready access to so many beautiful designs.  Occasionally, thru Marchives, we'll take a look back at some of these designs, with an eye toward re-creating them for today's quilting enthusiasts.  We invite you to join us in celebrating our past in this unique way...

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