Once again, Nancy Rink has searched the depths of the Marcus design archives, finding inspiration in a collection called Decorative Color & Contrast.  Starting with some of its prints, Nancy then added a few new florals large and small and a texture to the group.  She revised the color palette to be "somewhat traditional," with shades of red and blue, a touch of green and a splash of gold.  

Look for quilt projects by Nancy Rink Designs that range from traditional to contemporary in this very versatile collection.


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Allure Noir - "Mix and Mingle"Allure Noir - "Mix and Mingle"

Allure Noir - "Mix and Mingle"

Allure Noir - "Broken Star"Allure Noir - "Broken Star"

Allure Noir - "Broken Star"

Allure Noir - "Grand Entrance"Allure Noir - "Grand Entrance"

Allure Noir - "Grand Entrance"

Allure Noir - "Windrose"Allure Noir - "Windrose"

Allure Noir - "Windrose"

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