Sheryl Johnson (Temecula Quilt Co) takes quilters back in time, inspired by the reddish-brown roots of the Rubia tinctorum plant, a very important source of dye since the 1500s.  The plants of the genus Rubia contain small yellow flowers, whorled leaves and reddish brown roots.  Madder's vintage warmth pairs beautifully with a pop of purple, a cool green print, or a slice of cheddar, to create a multi-colored scrappy quilt design with wonderful "modern vintage" appeal.


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Material Madders "Woven Madders"Material Madders "Woven Madders"

Material Madders "Woven Madders"

Material Madders "1900 Nine Patch"Material Madders "1900 Nine Patch"

Material Madders "1900 Nine Patch"

Material Madders "Pennsylvania Patch"Material Madders "Pennsylvania Patch"

Material Madders "Pennsylvania Patch"

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