"MoonRising" is Krisanne Watkins' colorful mix of celestially-inspired blocks, created with DAPPLE DOTS and AGED MUSLIN, two popular Marcus basics.  It features 13 four-pointed stars, interspersed with sampler style blocks that show off the colors of the fabrics.


In describing the inspiration for her BOM quilt, Krisanne explains:

"My idea for the MoonRising quilt design started with the purchase of the Farmer's Almanac for my grandson, Coen. Rapidly approaching his teenage years, he has been very interested in our backyard garden his whole life.


This purchase brought back memories of my gardening mentor, my grandfather, Clark Stevens Wood.  Each year, he asked my family for a new copy of the Farmer's Almanac.  In its pages, I learned about full moons, Supermoons, and how the lunisolar calendar affects the seasons and gardening.  Many cultures and peoples around the world have recognized the 13 full moons by naming them MoonRising is my nod to this tradition."


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