Katie joined the quilting industry at 23 when her mom opened Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop in Fox River Grove, IL, a suburb of Chicago. At the time, she didn't know how to sew. Things have changed, and, fifteen years later, she finds herself not only an experienced quilter and designer, but also the owner of the shop!  With a deep understanding of how intimidating it can be to begin quilting, she is driven to help others take their first steps. She has assembled a talented team, ready to help customers choose fabrics, customize patterns, and learn new techniques, making Pieceful Gathering a one-stop-shop for all things sewing and community.


Katie began designing wool patterns around 2013, and several of her designs have been published in Primitive Quilts & Projects magazine. Working with wool is her true passion. She loves the potential in combining wool and cotton to create something beautiful and unique. This passion extends into the classes she's taught, the many Block-of-the Month programs she has led, and the retreats she organizes for her community.


Community is almost synonymous to Pieceful Gathering. Before the pandemic, the shop was host to many regulars, stopping by to share their projects and their personal lives in the warm space. Katie believes in the power of having a space where anyone is welcome and everyone is invited.


When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Katie worried not just about sales, but about the community they had fostered for years. She quickly turned this challenge into an opportunity, launching a bi-weekly Facebook Live to sell their products and, more importantly, maintain connection  with their community again. This endeavor has allowed Katie and her shop to reach all corners of the world, reconnect with previous customers, and grow their business in new and exciting ways.


She is not alone in her work. Her kids Sam, Charlie, and Ben, her husband, Derek, her parents, friends, and her team at the shop are watching her go and rooting her on every step of the way. Designing for Marcus Fabrics is the next step for Katie  "a chance to see how far I  can go  and I couldn't be more excited to join a team that will push me to do more and think differently." 


Visit Katie at www.PiecefulGathering.com


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