Monika Dongxia Zhu joined Marcus Fabrics as Design Director in Spring 2023.  As the design director, she not only creates her own collections, but also helps to bring to life the design concepts of our licensed designers, too. 


She is an illustrator and textile designer based in New York City, and a graduate of Zhejiang Art School in Hangzhou, China.  Monika has been designing textiles for apparel and quilting since moving to New York in 1995. She is honored to have had her illustrations included in the New York Times, the Daily News.


Joining Marcus Fabrics is very exciting for me ---the fact the quilt industry, especially what Marcus Fabrics presents, involves so much American culture which I was not aware of it before, and it is a great learning experience for me. I feel like really becoming an American in some way.


When she s not creating gorgeous fabric designs, Monika also enjoys cooking and creating animations.


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