In this colorful follow-up to their Autumn Waltz collection, the Material Girlfriends return with a new scarecrow panel and lots of coordinates in a mix of jewel tones and neutrals. As Lisa and Lora explain: "During the first signs of fall, many of our children will leave the nest. Whether that child heads to college, or to the neighborhood pre-school, the home can get so quiet. The inspiration for the Scarecrow's Song panel is about this season of life. Our little birds, that we have sheltered for so long, leave the nest and soar to new heights. The scarecrow's song (printed on the lower portion of her panel) was written by our mother, Carolyn Wooldridge."


"Fly away on little wings

Shake loose tangled apron strings

Time has come for you to soar

A whole new world to explore."


The scarecrow sings and waves farewell to her little flock, knowing they're off to new adventures, and exciting experiences.


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