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Do you have a brief creative tip you'd like to share on our site? An idea to make quilting, crafts and sewing easier and more enjoyable? Use the form below to send it to Lisa Shepard Stewart. If it's chosen to appear on, we'll send you a fabric packet as our "Thank You."
Dispenser for Binding
from Patricia Faye of Lake Hills, TX
After cutting, piecing & pressing the binding I drop it into a zip lock bag and partially close the bag leaving an opening just a bit larger than the width of the binding strip. Next I tape the bag to the side edge of my sewing table and pull out one of the ends of the binding for sewing. The binding feeds easily as you sew, without tangling.
Stash Management
from Madelyne Kiernan of St. James, NY
When storing fabric I use my 6" x 24" ruler to fold the fabric. Leave the fabric folded as it comes off the bolt from the store. Lay your ruler along the cut edge and start to fold the fabric over the ruler. When all of the fabric is folded, slip the ruler out and fold the fabric in half. It will be neatly folded, uniformly sized and easy to stack.
Recycle household Items
from MaryAnn Osaer of Hale, MI
I cut quilting templates from some of my old medical x-rays. They are very sturdy and since most x-rays are now put on a disc, the old ones are obsolete, so I recycle them.

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