With her debut collection for Studio 37 Fabrics, Gennifer March pays tribute to the gentle spirit of her grandmother.


"Tell me another story Grandma . please, just one more." I would crawl up onto her lap, and of course she would never say no. She never got tired or frustrated or annoyed when I asked her to teach me how to sew, even if I had a hundred questions and she was busy with something else. She saved every   picture I drew for her, and each and every letter I wrote to her. And, when I had my own children, her special love just spilled on over to them.  This collection was created in homage to my grandma's kind heart, her gentle nature, and the remarkable joy she brought to my world."



About Gennifer March


Throughout her life, Gennifer March has had a passion to create, whether through painting, drawing,  sewing, needlework, and even the creativity often called upon when raising her five children! Her passion for design began during her years at Syracuse University, where she studied surface pattern design.


"My design inspiration comes from a love of the beauty and intricateof such wonderful   artists such as William Morris,artist Josef Frank, French artist Erte, and Danish illustrator Kay Nielsen. I become lost in all the beauty of their works, and this often floods me with new ideas of my own! I absolutely love looking through historical documents and seeing little bits of things that can be pulled out to create new patterns."


Gennifer is thrilled to join the Marcus design team as a designer for their Studio 37 division, and looks forward to bringing many more beautiful collections to the quilting world.

Visit www.gmarchdesign.com


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