BOM Program

featuring the CHOOSE TO BE and HAPPY THOUGHTS Collections

Fabrics and BOM Program by Sarah Maxwell

of Designs by Sarah J


Sarah Maxwell's new CHOOSE TO BE collection and BOM row quilt design combine her unique 43" x 62" panel with easy blocks -- it 's the perfect introduction to patchwork piecing for a new sewist.  The panel blocks and elements are perfect for embroidery or machine stitched accents, making this an attractive project for more advanced quilters as well.  Sarah also mixes in four prints from her HAPPY THOUGHTS collection.

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"Quil ting is truly my respite . . . the place I go to relieve stress and find peace.  Finding a way to bring that joy to everyone with a quilt that looks complex but is the perfect beginner project was my goal.

Choos e to be  . . . happy, at peace.  Choose to be . . .  a quilter. "  - Sarah Maxwell



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